Perinatal Bereavement Services of Ontario

About PBSO

When a pregnancy ends with miscarriage, ectopic pregnancy, medical termination, stillbirth or neonatal death, the parents may experience anger, hopelessness, lowered self esteem and other feelings. It is healthy and helpful to allow the parents to feel, name and express their emotions. Holding in feelings may cause delayed grief reactions. The shared grief felt by parents, families and friends will be expressed in different ways. No two people grieve alike.

Finding supportive family, friends or professionals, who are able to listen, allows one to grieve in their own way. Taking time to work through grief in a manner that is right for each person promotes healing and health.

PBSO provides a variety of unique support services that have been tailored specifically to meet the special needs of perinatally bereaved families. The organization has also grown to include developing and implementing educational training seminars for health care professionals, caregivers, clergy and funeral directors on how to best support these families.