Grief Support Resources

Bereaved Families of Ontario

At Bereaved Families, we dedicate our work to bereavement support through self-help and mutual aid. Our strong community spirit mirrors the commitment made by our volunteers and staff. Our programs are facilitated by trained volunteers who are themselves bereaved. Volunteer health professionals support our facilitators and advise our programs. Each year, on behalf of Bereaved Families over 1,000 volunteers contribute to helping the healing begin.

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Pregnancy & Infant Loss Network (PAIL)

PAIL Network is committed to making a positive difference to those affected by pregnancy and infant loss. Our loss is unique and our grief is often discounted, to parents the death is devastating. Pregnancy and Infant Loss Network provides support services to bereaved parents and their families all over Ontario. We are Canada's leading educators promoting the sensitive care and management to families following a loss.

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Bereavement Ontario Network (BON)

Bereavement Ontario Network is a diverse group of organizations and individuals throughout the province that work in the field of grief, bereavement, and mourning as professionals and volunteers. 

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Sudden & Unexpected loss

A death that occurs suddenly and unexpectedly can be a significant shock.  This loss can present unique challenges to a person's healing process and cause an overwhelming amount of grief.  One of the most important things for someone to remember is that healing looks different for everyone.

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Open To Hope

Open to Hope Foundation® is a non-profit foundation with the mission of helping people find hope after loss.
We invite you to read, listen and share your stories of hope and compassion.

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Meaningful Funerals

We recognize that the thought of planning a funeral can be very overwhelming and not something that everyone is prepared to handle.Most of us are not prepared to plan and carry out a funeral ceremony for someone we love. And so much of the information available on this critically important subject fails to focus on what is most important: having a personalized, meaningful funeral that helps families and friends begin the healing process of mourning after the death of someone we love. Meaningful Hearts is intended to provide the information you need to make informed choices. These choices will help you plan and experience a meaningful funeral to honor the unique life of your loved one.

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hospice Toronto

offers free support for children, youth and parents.

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camp Erin Toronto

a free weekend bereavement camp in May
(accepting applications now - only a few spots left!).

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lighthouse centre for grieving children

(Oakville) offers free support for youth and parents

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My grief

is a Canadian resource offering free online grief support for adults

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kid grief

is a Canadian resource offering free online grief support for adults caring for children and youth

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Dr Jason Troyer

Recommended Books for Funeral Home Lending Library/Grief Resource Center

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